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I will select medical personnel with experience in conflict zones (not exclusive) FPOS FREC LOOK OFFSHORE MEDIC PARAMEDIC PHTLS ACLS MIMMS TCCC Interested please contact us using the information on our website (Work With Us) Does not matter country of Read more…

PMc operating in Afghanistan requires 100 Gurkha (British Army) professionals with British passport. Interested please contact us through our website in the section Work With Us Additional information is sent after receiving the basic information required  

Una empresa de contratistas destinada en Irak esta solicitando personal con las siguientes caracteristicas: -Guardia Estatica (160 vacantes) -PSD (Escoltas de autoridades Gubernamentales, Contratistas, Empresarios y otros) (10 vacantes) -K9 Handler (manejador de perros en deteccion de explosivos y drogas) Read more…

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